Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diary of a Vampeen: Vamp Chronicles Book 1 Review

5 Stars: Diary of a Vampeen captured my full attention with this amazing story! I just couldn't put this book down!!

Diary of a Vampeen, by Christin Lovell, is a story about 15-year-old Lexi who feels very self conscience about her body size. Lexi meets a boy named Kellan. She, despite her boyfriend Mike, instantly has a crush on Kellan. On her 16th birthday she goes through big changes. She turned into a vampeen, 3/4 human and 1/4 vampire. Lexi finds out that Kellan is also like her. Although Lexi is now the hottest girl in her school she isn't sure that she is ready to be a vampeen.

This story was the best of both worlds for me. Vampires and teens stretching their wings(not that they have wings.) Ms. Lovell's voice was perfect for this type of book and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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Imagine living a human charade for fifteen years and never knowing it. Imagine being provided less than a week to learn and accept your family’s true heritage before it overtook you. Alexa Jackson, Lexi, is abruptly thrown onto this roller coaster and quickly learns that she can’t change fate, regardless of how many lifetimes she is given. She will be transformed into a vampeen on her sixteenth birthday, she will be called upon to fulfill a greater destiny within the dangerous world of vampires, and she will have to risk heartbreak and rejection if she ever wants a chance at love with Kellan, whether she likes it or not.

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