Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wingless: Taylor Lavati Review

  2 Stars: I was not a big fan of Wingless. The book confused me from the beginning. It might have just been lack of sleep, but I truly couldn't find the main point of the story until 3/4 of the way through it. Don't get me wrong, the characters were great and I enjoyed the idea of what the author was trying to portray. Another thing I found was that there were many spelling mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, so if you don't find these mistakes distracting, then go ahead and read this book.


When Annie’s wings failed to form on her sixteenth birthday, she was banished to Earth, a life-altering reality that forced her to adapt to a new race, new world, and new challenges. Armed with little knowledge, Annie descends to her new home and learns of other half-angels, those who pull her into a world of demon-fighting chaos. 
As an Archer, Micha watches over Earth from the Veil. Sent to help Annie adjust, he finds himself drawn to her long after his orders have dissipated, and when her ruthless demon-killing ways reach an extremity he can’t ignore, he finds himself questioning the very core of his upbringing: will he turn his back on the angels and save Annie, or will he remain hidden within the shadows and watch her die?

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