Friday, January 3, 2014

The Pearl: Elearah Chronicles Review

4 Stars: I liked the characters and the story line. All of the magic and mystical creatures were awesome. The dragons, mermaids, vampires, and different kingdoms were just amazing ideas. The conflicts where exciting and kept me reading. Also the characters like Elearah, Balian, Pearl, and Mika were all my favorites. Pearl was my favorite of all though. She was strong and magical even though she wasn't what everybody expected.

I recommend this book to anyone over the age of 13. Some of the scenes can be a little intense for younger readers. Have fun reading!

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For Elearah and her secret companion Pearl, time is running out. They must escape to the Goddess Sanctuary before they are overtaken by assassins even their mysterious protectors Mika and Balian cannot stop. Their long, desperate journey through the kingdom of Huo, is interrupted by a summons from the duke that cannot be refused. 

What results is a war between political titans, magical creatures, and unknown spirits. Will they survive to seek sanctuary? Will Mika overcome his tragic history and claim Elearah, the woman he has come to love? Will the ancient dragon god arise? Or will all hope for the future be lost...

Author Bio:
Sandra Martinez writes fiction and non-fiction with a single purpose in mind: to understand the world around us. Sometimes we can understand it by looking from close up, sometimes we need to go far out there.

She writes while taking care of a small edible garden, two kids, a cat and a dog who don´t seem to understand the meaning of pacific coexistence.

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