Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dark Shift: Dark Shift (Series Book 1) Review

3 Stars: This book started out with an awesome storyline and the blurb made it sound amazing!

 However, I felt that the story  became way too complicated. I honestly think that the author could have also elaborated on the places that the characters went . I thought that they moved around too much without explaining why and how they got to the places they went to so quickly. I spent a lot of time questioning their actions, which pulled me out of the story.

I also don't understand why the author came up with new names for every mythical creature (oops... spoiler).  Couldn't he stick with the original names to make it less complicated? I have to say though that the story was quite adventure filled and very unique. 

If you still find the book interesting after what I have just said then by all means read it! :)

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Drake Copeland never knew his father. His mother disappeared years ago. So the day Drake and three classmates are stuck in the classroom while the rest of the school gets a field trip, it’s just one more time he’s been left behind. But when a bullied genius leaves his experiment running in the lab and throws the whole school through time, getting left behind is the least of their problems. Drake and his friends crash into a burned-out wasteland where their town used to be, discovering cannibals, starving werewolves, vampires, wise ghosts and a dark army directly connected to their own time - and maybe their own school.
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Rick Polito was the fourth grader who bragged about reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe twice in one day and followed that love of words into a 20-year career as a newspaper reporter and columnist. Polito claims he is the only person in history who ever "witnessed a gas chamber execution and took his dog to pet psychic camp all in the same job." His "Wizard of Oz" synopsis -  Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again - was a viral sensation. It was reading to his own son that brought him back to his love of young adult fiction and the story that became Dark Shift. A single father, Polito is raising two children in Boulder, Colorado.

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